Use cases

Use cases Supported by CYBORG.

CYBORG offers solution that provide unique intelligence on people, groups, topics, events, locations, conversations, network, and digital content. Some of the use cases are mentioned below.


Comprehensive mass monitoring


Generating event Intelligence

Detecting disinformation and blocking the public access

Target generation & Identify Threat Hubs


Lone Wolves detection and monitoring

Threat Mapping & Cross-Border Threats


Identity Check & Investigating Persons of Interest

Detecting and monitoring Human & Drug Trafficking

Detecting & Monitoring Money Laundering and launders

Strategic and Tactical Cyber Command

Social Engineering


Underground tunnel detection

3D Mapping and training for Counter-terrorism

In Summary, CYBORG solutions expose, investigate, and engage in the areas of Terrorism, Insurgencies Organized crime, Political subversion, Civil unrest, fake and viral news, and cybercrime.

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