CYBORG offers both intrusive and non-intrusive products for Intelligence gathering. Each one of the Intelligence gathering product can work independently or integrated together as data source for Data Fusion platforms for better Intelligence analysis and assessment at strategic level.

AI Video Analytics and Image Recognition (IMGINT)

CYBORG’s Artificial Intelligence based video analytics platform, uses trained machine learning algorithms to detect weapons, unattended objects, identify suspects from videos, static images, and documents, monitor highway traffic in terms of traffic violations, detect crowd formation, compare, and detect changes in satellite/aerial images, support citywide surveillance and many more such use cases.

Web and Open-Source Intelligence (WEBINT & OSINT)

The AI powered platform can extract intelligence nearly from all open sources of data such as websites, social media platforms, blogs, news site, forums, open-source databases, dark webs , deep webs and much more using large scale configurable crawlers. It offers language identification, theme extraction, entity extraction, multilingual analysis, network analysis, geo-location analysis, sentiment analysis, trend analysis, timelines analysis, originality of the post, top post, top users, avatars for counter social media propaganda, document clustering on text and visual data.

Specific Use cases: Mass monitoring, event monitoring, sentiment analysis, target profiling and network analysis , virtual agents for infiltration.


Data Curation (HUMINT)

Field Officers reports various incidents of interest specific to the agencies they report to. Generally, these reports are unstructured and semi-structured data, that are difficult to process and extract intelligence by the Intelligence analyst. To counter this, CYBORG offers a data curation platform based on Natural Language Processing that can perform automatic classification, categorization, information extraction, entity extraction and generate visualization and disambiguation from all types of unstructured and semi-structured data. The platform can be tailor-made to extract data as per the agency requirement.

Specific Use cases: Comprehensive text analysis, Entity extraction, Document profiling and timeline analysis etc.

Communication Intelligence (COMINT)

Cyborg offers both mass surveillance (passive) and targeted surveillance (active) products that ranges from interception of GSM Voice calls, mobile data, satellite communications and location finding to Intrusion of target mobile handsets, desktops/laptops clandestinely and extract data of interest.

Deployment approach can be tactical or Strategic as per the client requirement.

Specific Use cases: Covertly listen target conversation, finding the direction of the target, manipulate textual communication etc.


Telecom data analytics (CDRA)

CYBORG offers telecom data analytics platform that can fuse call detail record (CDR), IMEI and tower dump records (TDR) and provide actionable insight in terms of common elements and connections hidden within the telcom data, single number/multi- number analysis, IMEI analysis, case-based analysis, link analysis, tower dump analysis, customized dashboards, and intelligence reports along with geospatial mapping.

Specific Use cases: Location and Target network analysis.


Signal Intelligence (SIGINT)

CYBORG’s LOCINT products remotely locates 2G/3G/4G mobile subscribers, covertly providing accessibility without connectivity, on a global scale on best effort basis. It consists of two different solutions, LOCINT-SS7 and LOCINT-MAID.

LOCINT-SS7 is a remote signaling system no:7 protocol-based geolocation system for delivering real time location and status of a target’s cellular phone. Using phone details and working in unison with the protocol, the system stealthily locates and tracks any 2G/3G/4G mobile subscriber. LOCINT-SS7 covert methods bypass cooperation of cellular providers, reaping the benefits of accessibility without connectivity with wide coverage of cellular providers and territories.

LOCINT-MAID executes global digital footprint collection, based on smartphone usage, to provide behavioral-based patterns for investigation, both of groups and individual. Deploying a unique approach to intelligence gathering, LOCINT-MAID is a remote virtual SIGINT system that collects mass amounts of meta-data from smartphone usage on a global scale. It can be harnessed both to collect information on a particular point of interest or for mass collection of mobile phone usage in a country.

Specific Use case: Identify location of the target. LOCINT-SS7 provides GSM tower location of the target and LCOINT-MAID provide GPS location of the target, automatically identify and cross-reference places of interest, uncover behavioral patterns and characterize crowds.


Network Intelligence (NETINT)

CYBORG offers Internet monitoring solutions through deep packet inspection probes that can extract metadata of every traffic , in terms of source IP address, destination IP address, payload, ports and protocol used etc.

Metadata analytics can capture and detect the identity of the user, website visited, mobile app used , location and time of access etc. and correlate the acquired data to perform threat profiling of the individual and raise an alert to the analyst about individuals who have high threat score. Threat profiling parameters are customizable.

Specific Use case: Detecting Radicalized individuals, Mass threat profiling, block viral, fake videos, social media post and rogue applications.


Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT)

CYBORG offers multiple solutions to gather intelligence from varied geospatial data, the fundamental of them is the design and deploy persistent aerial surveillance using drones and aerostats Integrated with electro optical sensors, radars and secure communication transmitter and receiver as payloads. Aerial images collected by the electro optical sensors mounted on the aerial surveillance platform, are fed to the AI based image recognition system. AI and ML algorithms can analyze videos and images to detect threats and anomalies by comparing two different images of the same location taken at different timelines.

In addition to that, we offer Ground penetrating radar (GPR) based solution mounted on drones or vehicles to detect underground covert tunnels, buried weapon caches etc. A significant solution for the border security forces.
Another significant solution in the geospatial intelligence space is the 3-D mapping. Using laser 3D scanners, cyborg can help the security agencies in crime scene and accident investigation, in planning disaster recovery and security surveillance, in planning VVIP protection and train counter terrorism team in rescuing the hostages.

Specific Use case Detect underground tunnels, cross border structures, 3D mapping etc.

Financial Intelligence (FININT)

CYBORG offers an Early Warning System (EWS) solution, curated to preventing financial fraud using ML and AI. It can ingest all types of structured & structured data, bank transactions, Income tax returns, Invoices & PO, accounting software dump and open sources database. Primarily, the solution works at finding patterns, discrepancies, and anomalies through AI. At a secondary level, solution provides valuable insights for managing potential threats, frauds, and/or a bribery.

Specific Use case: Detect shell companies, money laundering, terrorist funding etc.

Cyber Intelligence (CYBINT)

CYBORG pedigree in the national security and defense has helped them in designing a comprehensive cyber defense framework that can aid the government agency not only detect and respond to incidents, but help them to investigate, gather threat intelligence, information about the adversary, location, and identity (with in the country) and launch attack on those rogue agencies or state behind this attack using the red team. CYBORG offers cyber security solutions that covers the complete cycle of defend, detect, and respond in real time or near real time and reduce the impact incase if the attack is successful.

In addition, CYBRORG offers Active Cyber Intrusion solutions, that work by clandestinely launching the agents to the target mobile handsets and computers, to extract relevant data. The data collection and transmission are completely transparent to the user of the device by keeping the infected device operating normally.

Specific Use cases: Covertly extract content, metadata, logs from target handsets

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