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CYBORG SYSTEMS AND SOLUTIONS, leading solution provider to the National Security agencies, Homeland Security agencies, Defense organizations, Intelligence agencies, Law enforcement agencies and security organizations around the world in the areas of Intelligence Gathering, Analysis, Assessment, and Dissemination. In addition, CYBORG offers Protection solutions for critical national information and infrastructure assets.

With 20 years of domain expertise in the National security environment, Over 100 Global deployments in some of the most complicated multi-faceted intelligence environment. CYBORG is the leading trusted partner in the security space.

CYBORG offers both Intrusive and Non-Intrusive technologies at tactical level for Intelligence gathering in the areas of Human Intelligence (HUMINT), Communication Intelligence (COMINT), Imagery Intelligence (IMGINT), Network Intelligence (NETINT), Advertisement Intelligence (ADINT) Open-source Intelligence (OSINT), Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT), Cyber Intelligence (CYBINT) and Financial Intelligence (FININT).

At the strategic level it provides Command and Control solutions and Artificial Intelligence based Intel Analysis solutions and Cyber Command for Intelligence community and regulatory authorities.

Complimenting these solutions, CYBORG offers technical surveillance solutions, Anti-drone solutions, Cyber protection of Industrial control systems, Critical National Information infrastructure, Epidemic monitoring, and control solutions (for COVID-19) etc.

Cyborg Systems & Solutions

World leader’s in Lawful Interception and Technology Integration. 

Cyborg Systems & Solutions
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