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Security threats to national sovereignty are evolving – Advanced cutting-edge technologies , enhanced human expertise , efficient intelligence sharing, and stringent laws have become the baselines to combat the evolving threats, contact Cyborg systems for further information.

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Digitization of Human Society has made Data omnipresent. Moreover too much data is produced too quickly , however, information is lost at every level and hence, Today’s intelligence agencies need Cyborg’s artificial intelligence-based platforms to handle the rapid and voluminous data to gain actionable intelligence.


Anonymity and the breadth of coverage made internet , preferred platform for Terrorist organization for radicalization & recruitment, propaganda, planning, inter and intra communication, training, fund-rising and cyber-attack that require cutting edge technologies from cyborg systems to unravel their identity.

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Cyborg systems and solutions is a leading telecommunication company that empowers individuals with tools to bring the organizations and communities to work together.

The company is focused on lawful interception compliance for telecom services providers, homeland security and defense solutions.


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“Cyborg’s interception solutions are deployed across the globe.”

Tracking and analysis of target on moment.”

Pertinent to target centric solution & mass solution.”

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