“ UNMAZE” An Epidemic monitoring and control application that can be used by the distressed countries in registering their covid-19 infected patients and ensuring they are quarantined at hospital or home and tracking them, if they violate the quarantine restrictions as well assist the authorities on Digital contact tracing there by monitoring and controlling the epidemic outbreak.

UNMAZE is mobile based smart application that uses, GPS , cell site, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi in combination to detect the accurate location of the registered infected covid-19 patient. With the accurate geo-location of the patient , the application can perform the following functions.


Quarantine violation


Contact tracing


Vicinity Alert


Proximity Alert (Contaminated/Disinfected)


Predicting the contagion who are at risk.

Government to Citizen communication


Citizen to Government communication

Decentralized operation - Multi agency support


Multi language support


Minimum False alerts

Rapid Deployment


Data privacy & Secured communication AI based platform for Telecom data analysis

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